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Pursuing an unorthodox path of art education, Barbara was involved in various
studio classes at the Baker-Hunt Foundation in Covington, KY. and the Cincinnati Art
Academy.  She studied drawing, painting and printmaking at Northern Kentucky
University in Highland Heights, KY.  Her first teacher was Aileen F. McCarthy, a
student of Frank Duveneck.  Barbara  credits her handling of paint and drawing
media to this influence.

"I constantly strive to maintain my personal vision."
New Work:  Horses
Traveling Suit - Blue:
oil on canvas      36" X 48"
Traveling Suit - Pink:
oil on canvas      36" X 48"
Shirt 1 -  
oil on canvas
36" x 48"
Shirt 2 -
oil on canvas
36" X 48"
Shirt - Pink
36" x 48"
oil on canvas
Shirt - White:  oil on
canvas     36" x 48"
Shirt - Blue:  oil on
canvas  36" x 48"
Horse (Triad) - acrylic, india ink,
enamel, pastel, twine on
paper        59" X 17"
Horse (Triptych)-acrylic, india ink, pastel,
rope on paper      
 96" x 48"
Horse (Tan) - acrylic, india ink, enamel    
on paper      58" x 48"
Horses (Black & White) - acrylic,
india ink, enamel, pastel, rope
on paper         44" X 22"
Horses (Pair) - acrylic,
indiw/wire -MM. on paper   
48" x 30"
Horse (Black & White) - acrylic, india
ink, enamel, rope on paper      52" x 42"
Horse (Brown) - oil on
canvas        26'x26"
Horses (Gold) - oil on unstretched
canvas       48" x 36"
Horse (Terra Cotta) - acrylic, india
ink enamel, pastel, rope on paper
35" X 26"
Horse (Chained) - acrylic, india ink,
pastel, chain  on paper
40" x 37"
   The Artwork  of
                            Barbara Ahlbrand